This month we are looking on the security of for hosting for our clients!

Did you know if you have a website created, you might not always get your own hosting package and you may be sharing with someone else, or even several other companies!

This can be a high security risk as you will all be sharing the same control panel and have access to each others data, website, emails and databases which means you can access their files and personal emails and data just as much as they can with yours.

At DanumHost we make sure all of our clients have their own cPanel details so you can be sure your account belongs to you and no one else. Not only does this increase your security for your personal website and files, this means you have full control of what is happening with your account, always!

Just to finish things off we do not charge extra for allowing you to make your own virus and malware scan's on your account. Your account scans all of the files as they are uploaded to the server but you can also do manual scans of your account when you want as often as you want.

We are here to help not only clients with hosting but also the Web Agencies get the best value for money for reselling their own hosting accounts to their clients.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

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